For over seven years we have been organizing photography journeys and creating unforgettable moments across the globe. Moments that have created connections with our participants that are life-changing. Many have become like family.


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Bahieja, South Africa

The art of seeing allows the coming together of good company in a respectable and valuable way. Sidi Peter brings his beautiful light and master expertise that he so generously apportions to the space. Where learning and sharing during master classes with Sidi Peter comes together organically through application and experiential learning.  There is definitely a different sense of appreciation for learning, experiencing and travelling that comes together, with a level of purpose and prose

Romir, Switzerland

 Art of Seeing is not a workshop, it is something more. It is a journey within yourself where you learn to unlearn. At the end of this journey, when you put your eye in the viewfinder, you realize that photography is more than just zeros and ones. You end up being jealous sharing this experience with others afraid that there will be no more available places in one of the coming Art of seeing journeys which you have already made plans for

Wahija, USA

I would participate in AOS again and again if I could! From experimenting with Sidi Peter's suitcases of camera lenses, to traversing the streets of Istanbul with fellow photographers; I treasure the workshop as an experience that developed my skill set and introduced me to several of the photographers that I regard as friends and mentors today.


Amazing experience with amazing people in Granada. Started off with no experience in photography whatsoever and I have learned so much both practically and spirituality. Amazing!

Nadege, Switzerland

This experience was different from any other photography workshop I had attended before. While teaching the core technical aspects that will immediately enhance your photographs, AoS take it one step further by bringing a deeper meaning to photography and connecting it to the "Unseen"

Ifa, Netherlands

Attending the Art of Seeing in Granada was amazing. I have learned how to be patient in capturing beauty in every shot: thank you for this Sidi 'uncle' Peter. Met amazing people who shared the same passion in seeing the world through the lens of the heart.

Donia, UK

A Master of the trade of seeing brought together a group of lovers from afar, 


For three nights these friends gathered under the auspicious Alhambra and the hidden night stars,


Each carrying a unique mirror and an exquisite fragrance from their heart,


Guided by the light of a beloved one, Sidi Peter, who has mastered the trade of a seeing heart. 


He helped them polish their mirrors to reveal some new insights to be captured by the camera of the heart, 


They began with the breath and the opening of the Book, and this was the first polish of their hearts.


As they journeyed inwards and became more receptive so much beauty was revealed,


On the last evening, hearts were joined with songs and they drank from the spring of Nur,


Some ask who are those who gather and want to learn this trade of a Seeing heart?


We are SeekersArtists, Explorers, Physicians, Creatives,


Teachers, Musicians, Writers, Healers, Students, Young and Old, 


But all traversing this unseen path in search of light and a Seeing heart.


Sidi Peter gifted each of us with a candle from his heart & a paintbrush that can be dipped into the Ink of light,


We were reminded that there is no ceiling to our Seeing and the way is always open to those in search of this light.

Donia, UK

The Art of Seeing Trip is a portal, not only into a new way of seeing and photography but it also inspires a new way of being. I am so grateful to Sidi Peter, the team of teachers and other participants who together make up the Art of Seeing Family. What a privilege to be amongst such incredible teachers & now friends. I find myself stopping more, looking up more and discovering beauty in all its forms. Thank you!

Umar, Pakistan

Extraordinary teachers have a way of inspiring their students to see things in a way they didn’t know was possible. Sidi Peter has inspired me in so many ways that no small review can do justice. 

Saadia, USA

Wonderful experience with great teachers and fellow students. Not “just” a photography workshop, it is an experience in mindfulness & spirituality

Imran, Pakistan

I attended the Art of Seeing Hands On Expedition in the Hunza Valley, Pakistan, and it was a wonderful experience learning from two wonderful photographers. The event has been very engaging with fellow photographers coming from different regions and backgrounds. It was my first formal photography lesson and the event exceeded my expectations.

Hind, UK

Alhamdulilah, the Art of Seeing event in Granada was the first I attended. I was pleasantly surprised that my experience was outstanding and even better than I originally anticipated. My knowledge of photography had a huge leap. Not only was I able to learn from Peter Sanders one of the greats of our time, but I was surrounded by tutors and peers who were very knowledgable as well as encouraging and helpful. Whether you are new to photography or have been around for years I recommend this is an experience you wouldn’t want to pass up.

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